July 2009

New York City Restaurants on Twitter

MenuRaves follows a large list of NYC Restaurants on Twitter.

Now you can see what they are saying on this Web Page without having to join twitter…

MenuRaves: What NYC Restaurants are saying right now!

Bowery / Elizabeth 4-up for Wednesday

Four Swanky Restaurant Lounges with great drinks and food within walking distance for a good Food/Drinks crawl.

DBGB, Elizabeth, Jo’s and Double Crown – see the map

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Calling All Foodies… MenuRaves Alpha

Calling All Foodies

StarNYC is proud to announce the Alpha Launch of our new MenuRaves.com blog and @menuraves service following the most comprehensive list of New York City Restaurants and Gourmet Food Trucks on Twitter.

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Why follow restaurants on Twitter?
If a cake is baked in the forrest can anyone taste it?

Before the reviewers can review, the restaurants and chefs must invent and cook, and on MenuRaves you can follow the Zeitgeist of New York City Restaurants. It’s all about the NEW.

MenuRaves believes that a pinnacle of culinary experience is satisfying food craves in the moment. Do you know what you want to eat from one moment to the next? No? Then you are either chronically indecisive or a fellow food adventurer… and a craves is an intense, momentary sensation that needs satisfying by finding the freshest, most in season food of the moment.

Gourmet Food Trucks are also at the top of our list this summer for dog owners, office foodies and sweets lovers. Via MenuRaves you can find and follow all your favorite Food Trucks whose locations often change on a daily and hourly basis.

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Jeff Goldblum confirms his own death on the twitter

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